21. Juni 2021

Which Webmaster Tools Do You Use and Why?

The question “Which Webmaster Tools Do You Use and Why?” is one that I get asked a lot from my online clients. They want to know what the big deal is with all these tools, because they seem to be so difficult to understand. And some of them just flat out refuse to even use any of them, thinking that they are some kind of big joke. Let me assure you that they are not.

Which Webmaster tool do you use and why

So what do all these programs do? They are all used to make your life easier, because they essentially turn your website into a search engine. Each program works in a different way, but basically they work by using text, audio, video and sometimes images to pull up relevant pages for you and pull up information about your niche. It’s much more than that though, so let’s talk about the big picture.

One important thing that we’ll discuss now is how to build a website, and the importance of choosing the right webmaster tool. Before getting into that, there is a very important decision that you’re going to have to make. That is whether or not you want to hire a professional webmaster in the first place. There are many pros and cons to doing that, so if it doesn’t feel right to you then don’t do it.

But first, let’s talk about why you need to create a site. The most important reason is because search engines love content and want to see it. If you can provide new, quality content on your site each day, then your site will get indexed more often and will rank higher with the search engines. So now we get to the main question.

So what type of Webmaster Tool do you use to build your site? There are many different tools out there, but I recommend one called WYSIWYG. This stands for what you see is what you get. This means that you have complete control over your site, but the program does all the coding for you. So instead of having to learn HTML, you simply read the instructions, enter your data, and your site works just like a website should.

Another great webmaster tool that I recommend is called the FrontPage. This is not the same as your regular FrontPage. You will want to download this software and then install it onto your server. The nice thing about using the FrontPage webmaster suite is that it has all of the same features as the others. You’ll want to choose whether or not you want to have your own domain name and hosting package, and you’ll even be able to customize your templates.

One other feature that I would like to talk about today is the sitemap tool. If you don’t know what the sitemap is, it is a tool that allows you to see what pages of your site have been updated, when they were changed, and what links you have to click through from one page to another. So many times a site owner will post something on their site and think that they’ve accomplished something. Only to find out years later that someone else had just clicked on that link and made hundreds of dollars from that one post. Sitemaps help prevent this by providing a visual depiction of how the site evolved over time.

So which webmaster tools do you use and why? You have so many valuable tools available to you. You may have heard of some of them before, such as Fantastico and Cpanel. However, there are so many more out there, such as Joomla!, phpBB, and many more!