21. Juni 2021

What is Referrer Spam? And How to Avoid It

what is Referrer

What is Referrer Spam? And How to Avoid It

The value of a referrer is very important when you are working online. It has nothing to do with how popular your website is. There are just some important points you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a good referrer. These points can help you find the best site traffic and improve your website’s conversion rate.

First of all, what is a referrer? Basically, a referrer is a webmaster or Internet marketing consultant, who helps his client to get more visitors on his/her website. The referrer can either be the website host or a search engine’s bot. The HTTP referrer is an additional HTTP header field, which identifies the exact location of the resource, which is associated with the particular page being requested. By verifying the referrer, the visitor can now know where the request came from.

So, when you are looking for a good referrer you should know what a referrer is and what it does for your website. Referrer can be defined as a third party who first visited your site and found your content useful, and then he decides to visit your competitors site using the links on your previous page. This means that you will receive back links to your site from a person who first found your content useful. And he is also a potential customer, who visited your previous page through the links on that page.

So, one of the most important question you have to answer when you are designing a website is: what is a referrer and why he uses referrer statistics? In order to get the necessary traffic you have to build a website which uses the best keywords and the right Meta tags. But you need to make sure that these keywords and Meta tags match your website content so that your web pages can benefit from natural search traffic. When a person visits your web page he should see relevant content which is built around the keywords which are used by search engines to index your web pages. So, you have to choose keywords carefully in order to get quality traffic, otherwise you will never succeed in achieving success.

If the referrer uses his own hostname then you should be in favor. The reason is that the hostname has special significance in SEO. For example, if a visitor is a search engine friendly person he will not prefer a site which uses a different hostname. If he visits your website using his own hostname then he gets a special page path which he can use to access your web pages. So, he can get more information about your products or services and can easily identify with your brand. Similarly if he gets a different referrer’s URL then he might face difficulty in navigating to your web pages because the page will redirect to another website.

Another thing that you should consider is the path of your previous page. For example, if you were to navigate to a website that was built using Dreamweaver 7, you would see a different page path than what we used above. What this means is that your referrer should also be able to recognize your path in order to link to your web pages. So, if he cannot do this then it is better for him to go to your web site using his own host name or the one which he used during the time of construction of your website. This way he will be able to open the window of your web site which will lead him to your previous page, which should contain the page path as previously mentioned. So, both your hostname and your previous page path will have special significance in SEO.

Finally, there are special rules which should be followed in order to set up the relationship between the referrer and the previous page. For instance, if the referrer is a Google AdWords advertiser then you should provide him with the relevant landing pages which are being promoted by Google AdWords. Then you should make sure that the links on these landing pages point to the appropriate pages in your website. Usually there are two kinds of links that can be created. The first kind is the text link which usually contains the anchor text while the other kind is the image link.

Text link is the one that you usually find on websites which are promoted by referrer spam. The text link contains the actual anchor text of the advertiser. On the other hand, image link consists of nothing but images. Black-hat marketers take advantage of this situation and try to trick the visitors who click on those links. They use JavaScript code, which enables them to change the link’s destination whenever the users click it. However, you can prevent such abuse by making sure that you check for the code’s source code before you allow anyone to click on those links.